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Contact : 572,574 Ramintra Road K.M 9  Kunnayao District Kunnayao Sud-District Bangkok 10230 office Hours : 9:00 am - 7:00 p.m Tel: 02-948-7119, Fax : 02-948-5236 E-mail :
When the shop was first established.
Most of the tailors have worked with us for many years.
Our shops offer many clothes to choose from the shop has a good atmosphere
We are joresa uniform.
we are Joresa uniform.We tailor various sizes of quality uniforms.We have highly skilled tailors with more than thirty years of experience[Our shop was established in 1979] Ourname was known through word of mouth,which resulted in many customers. The uniforms that we tailored to respond to the market and the guality is worth the price.
We always have customers coming in because of our professionalism and friendliness.Our customers include famous private organiztions,government agencies,hotels,banks,universities,BTS,famous car companies,restaurants,artists,and actors/actresses.We tailor male/female uniform,suit,safari outfit,jacket,gown,overall,and workswhop shirt.We also accept screening,embroidery,and other jobs.Please have a look at some of our work in Home.We have always believe that a person's clothes help improve their appearance.Dressing up shows that a person loves himself or herself.It is also a way to make a person feel better about himself or herself.An outself.An outfit that fits the wearer perfectly will make the person happy and confident.Please trust us so that we can tailor the best uniform for you,our special customer.
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Mittai insurance company
         (Head office)
This is the quality of JORESA products for the leading insurance company
Bangkok Bank
(Head Office)

This is the quality of JORESA products for the leading bank.
    differ from the others ?
1. the best guatity products
2.With 30 years of tailor experience
3. We serve five stars custimers for many years and we are still continue Our services yearly
4. the best price that you can afford.
   This is pur tailor products.
              5 stars Hotel
This is our tailor products for 5 stars Hotel.
this is a certificate to guarantee the quality of our products from sukhothai thammathirat open University.
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